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Book your Wellness Seminar, Event or Consultation today!

Are you an organization, Small business, Corporation, Franchise, School, or are you in need of Personal Training for yourself or family?

You can also book Ria for Zumba, Boot camps, Circuit workouts, Aerobics, Stretch, Yoga and Strength/toning sessions and keynote speaking/seminar.

Whatever the need or desire, you have taken the first step to becoming well. 


Keynote speaker and Wellness Coach, Ria Mixon is a firm believer that our goals in life can not be accomplished unless we are well enough to pursue them. 

Ria is an Entrepeneur from Bushwick Brooklyn New York. She is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish. 

​She has been in the Talent/Fashion/Entertainment & MakeUp Artist  Business since 1990 to present. Her website is She’s known as The Model Coach. 

​Ria started out in the business as a dancer. She danced at Hartford Ct Concerts and was chosen from thousands to tour concerts in the Ct, Maryland and New York area. She has worked with several R & B Artist. Ria started to choreograph for numerous groups and artists during that time and for a reputable talent and model convention. 

In 1992 Ria studied Fitness & Nutrition and became a group instructor and personal trainer. She currently still holds those credentials along with Wellness, Nutrition coach and is an herbalist. 

There was a time in Ria’s  life that her health became a challenge. Undergoing numerous surgeries and treatments and surviving very difficult times, she refused to give up. Ria takes Wellness, fitness & nutrition very seriously and has learned how nutrition along with exercise can reverse the very most difficult health conditions. She released her first book called “Becoming Well”. It is a Fitness & Food journal book. 

Allow Ria to guide you into Wellness. Her wellness seminar events that she hosts and speaks at is called “Wellness Matters” and she has a passion to educate all into or back into Wellness! We deserve to be the healthiest version of ourselves.

Contact info:, 347-946-0454

*Price quotes will be sent upon receiving form. CLICK TO FILL OUT FORM

Thank you! 

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